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Edging The City - A Journey Round the Border of Cardiff - complete with maps and rich in annecdote is available from Seren. A city psychogeographic ramble, an annecdotal history, a literary adventure, an armchair traveller's guide, a geographic entertainment, all of these. "There’s a city’s edge playlist which filled the author’s head as he strode available on Spotify". Edging the City is a view of Cardiff like no other, full of insights and discoveries.

Edging The City Cover
Copies available from the publisher Seren Books.
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Plotaroute interactive map
and for those who would like to see what it all looked like the photostream is here

Peter Finch Collected Poems in two volumes - edited by Andrew Taylor with forewords from Ian McMillan and Nerys Williams. From the 60s to the 2020s visual work repaired, innovations strengthened, poetry represented in all its variety. In all its heft and style this work is now published. More information here.

"this collection is a delight. A gallimaufry. A compendium of forms. A dictionary of discovery. A mixtape of marvels. A variorum of voices."
Steven Walling - Litter Magazine

Finch Collected Poems Two cover

Copies directly from Seren
Signed copies available with a special two vols almost for the price of one offer. Don't miss it.

Walking The Valleys - Peter Finch and John Briggs take the walks much further. Due Autumn, 2022.

Also Out Now -

Edging The Estuary - Finch on the estuary that separates Wales from England. The new 2022 reprint now available from Seren. Chepstow to Worm's Head, Gloucester to Lynmouth, the barrage, the islands, the water. Now available from Seren. For more information check here

Walking Cardiff -
Peter Finch and urban photographer John Briggs explore the lesser-known and offbeat parts of the city. Large format. Photographs, text and maps. £14.99 from Seren Books here. Check the blog here

The Machineries Of Joy, first new collection of poetry by Peter Finch in a decade. Available now. £9.99 direct from Seren here. "Peter Finch continues to make iconclastic works that sparkle and spit... his new collection is a painfully joyful achievement - not only in its command of various genres, including concrete poetry and the sombre-comic anecdote, but also in the ability to unite his variety of singing fish in the net of a single poem." Carol Rumens in The Guardian. A free podcast from Alternative Stories and Fake Realities is available entirely free here. Read more about this groundbreaking new vol here.

Check these -

Second Aeon (1966-1974) A revised history of Peter Finch's historic magazine. The past comes back to life. History here, bibliography of the magazine and the press here.

Oriel. A revised and illustrated history of the Charles Street and The Friary manifestations of this enterprise. Check here.

Films. Peter Finch reading A Welsh Wordscape and Urology made by the Israeli film maker Omri Lior. Filmed at the end of 2018 these are a cut above the regular face to camera and breathe new life into two of Peter Finch's most popular poems.

Real Cardiff The Flourishing City,
the fourth volume in the series, is available from Seren Books. Copies can be ordered directly from the publisher, Seren, here, or are available from good bookshops.
The blog for book containing extracts and additional material is here.

The Roots Of Rock From Cardiff To Mississippi And Back -
Peter Finch traces the music on both sides of the Atlantic. Music, travelog, psychogeography, playlists, history. Published by Seren Books @ £9.99. You can buy directly from the publishers here. Or from Amazon. The Roots of Rock blog is here

Real Cardiff
- the truth about Europe's youngest capital. A irreverent, informed and thoroughly readable guide to the Capital of Wales in all its reinvented glory. Cardiff the multi-layered. Cardiff the multi-cultural. Cardiff the post-industrial. Cardiff the much bigger that you thought. Based-on and much extending Peter Finch's books for Seren, the Real Cardiff section of this site is an essential guide.

Real Cardiff, the original and first book, is now in its fourth printing, Real Cardiff Two extends the boundaries. Real Cardiff Three - The Changing City is the new one and you can check the content here. The BBC story and photo slideshow is here. The Big Book of Cardiff (edited with Grahame Davies) collects contemporary writings by many hands.

City Littoral - David Enrique Spellman's film from the Cardiff edge. See it here

Real Wales - based on the success of the Real Cardiff series. A book encompassing the whole country. Finch's Real Wales (Seren) is available. View the Real Wales Flickr photostream here.

hammer lieder helicopter speak is Peter Finch's sonic history of twentieth century music published in folded poster form as #1 in Antonio Claudio Carvalho's revival of Hansjorg Mayer's sixties futura series.

The Archive of the Now is an electronic and print collection of poetry. Based at Queen Mary, University of London, it hosts recordings of over 100 poets based in the UK, including many unique, specially commissioned recordings unavailable anywhere else. All the recordings can be downloaded free of charge. Finch's extensive entry including many specially made recordings is here.

RSAW - For his work in these areas Peter Finch was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Architects of Wales (RSAW) in September, 2007. Read the citation

Ted Slade Award For Service To Poetry. Peter Finch won this award in 2011. "The Ted Slade Award is given annually to a person who is in the opinion of the selection panel has given unstintingly of their time and efforts over many years to promote poetry to a wider audience." More info.

with Peter Finch at

The Peter Finch Archive is also one of the original writers' sites on the net. Here is collected information on self-publishing, on the poetry scene, Welsh literary links, examples of Finch's own poetry, prose and criticism, concrete, visual and experimental verse, a unique and avant-garde information resource on the poet R.S.Thomas, and a lot more.

Poetry - Finch's work can be read in Food, published Seren Books. His innovative The Welsh Poems is published by Shearsman. His fat Selected Later Poems is published by Seren. Download special purchase offer, three Finch titles for the price of two, here (44K pdf)

Zen Cymru - Finch's collection of poetry is available from Seren. More details. YouTube clip of Peter Finch reading from Zen Cymru at The Promised Land, Cardiff is here.

You Tube - look here for embedded files of Peter Finch performances

Finch as Taliesin Grahame Davies's tribute poem read at Finch's standing down from his post as CEO of Literature Wales. Here

Not About Pete Ifor Thomas's tribute poem. Here

Vizet / Water is a selected Finch in Hungarian, edited (and for a large part translated) by the amazing Kinga Kovacs, published by Konkrét Könyvek of Budapest. Read here. Andrew Wood's videos of readings from Foodball and the Viset launch in Budapest can be viewed here and here.

The Argotist Online offers a transcription of Zoe Skoulding and Ian Davidson interview with Peter Finch carried out at Theatre Gwynedd, Bangor, in January, 2006. Here

Public poetry - Peter Finch's work has been incorporated into five public structures in Cardiff. Across the entrance, glass frontage, foyer and main corridor of BT's Internet Data Centre in Cardiff Bay is an extensive extract from Finch's post-modern interpretation of the work, life and influence of Wales' greatest twentieth century poet, R S Thomas. The BT IDC is situated in the west Bay, on the Ferry Road peninsular. To the east, running across the top of the re-claimed Lamby Way refuse dump, is a Finch commission which recycles itself as it goes. The structure is just about visible from the road alongside the Rumney River. Finch's acrostic concrete poem as part of Jean-Bernard Metais' L'Alliance is situated outside the new John Lewis store in the center of Cardiff. Look down not up. His Ballast Bank poem now fronts the new South Wales Police HQ on James Street in Cardiff Bay. His poem Kerdif can be read on the front windows of Cardiff's Central Library

Biography - in one page here's a handy Peter Finch biography. Where is Peter Finch appearing next ?

Flickr - Peter Finch's photostream is here

Slope. Visit also the Welsh issue of Slope - In 2001, and with the assistance of Ceri Anwen James, Finch guest edited a Welsh edition of the US literary magazine Slope. The issue gave a bi-lingual snapshot of just what was happening in poetry in Wales at the turn of the Millennium. Contributors included Dannie Abse, Child Roland, Iwan Llwyd, Robert Minhinnick, Catherine Fisher, Gwyneth Lewis, Bobi Jones, Sheenagh Push, Fiona Sampson, Ifor Thomas, Chris Torrance, Grahame davies, Tony Curtis, and many more.

Bob Cobbing 1920-2002 - A Tribute.

But check the rest of the Peter Finch Archive before you go.

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