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Other Sites With A Peter Finch Connection

  1. The Argotoist Online
    The online literary review with a selection of Peter Finch's 2005 verse
  2. Black Cat Poems
    Poetry for all occasions
  3. Poetry Kit
    Ted Slade's on-line magazine. Peter Finch writes on the poetry reading.
  4. Riding The Meridian
    Jennifer Ley's on-line magazine guest edited by Peter Howard. These are the Finch pages and include some off the wall Mabinogion translations. The rest of the magazine is well worth spending time with. This is a special issue devoted to "shedding light on the impact the Internet is having on communication and national/regional writing and identity."

  5. Slope
    Ethan Paquin's excellent new poetry magazine. Issues #1, #2 and #8 contain a number of recent Finch poems. He edited issue #8, a special Welsh number.
  6. Sound Poetry In the UK
    Finch's potted history (with copious links) on 57 productions excellent site.

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