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More Literary Places

  1. 57 Productions
    the poet's agency now with added value. The poetry jukebox, articles, film clips, information and more
  2. Acton
    the online magazine for
    contemporary poetry and art in Scotland
  3. The Aldeburgh Poetry Festival
    the best poetry festival in the UK.
  4. Art Zero
    Michael Blackburn's Art Zero, online arts factory and exhibition site.
  5. The Bardroom
    Poet David Hill's Hungarian-based English language performance poetry outfit. Middle European capital of the live word
  6. Bluenose Poets
    competitions, advise and links from the London group

  7. Diane Beaver's NLP
    Make life simpler, be more effective, have more time and have more fun with NLP.
    Diane Beaver tells all, and about her self-publishing experiences.
  8. Lollipop
    The late Bill Griffiths' detailed small press reviews and listings - the List of Little Press Publications
  9. Peter Howard
    more poetry links than most of us will ever need
  10. Jacket
    John Tranter's on-line literary magazine, one of the best there is

  11. rkosti
    two dozen years of alternative poetry and more from Richard Kostelanetz
  12. Literature Training
    up to the minute information for writers on how to improve and where to get help
  13. Peter Manson's Freebase Accordion
    Wondered what happened to Object Permanence? The answer and the history is here.
  14. New Hope International Online
    Gerald England's fine magazines of poetry, information, reviews and links: New Hope International Publications, Haiku Talk, & NHI Review.
  15. The Open University Poets
    Al Campbell's on-line archive of contemporary work.
  16. Ore
    History of Eric Ratcliffe's magazine
  17. Pif Magazine's Pilot
    the largest literary search engine online. The literary universe can be located here.

  18. The Poetry Corner
    Michael Loose's magazine
  19. Poetry Magazines
    The Poetry Library's on-line little mag collection - includes complete issues of a wide range of important littles

  20. Poetry Salzburg
    Austria's British poetry base
  21. The Poetry Society
    the British center of the cyber world
  22. Paul Rayson's Literary Links
    links, poetry and fiction
  23. Riding the Meridian
    Jennifer Ley's excellent on-line literary magazine
  24. Salmon Publishing
    Jessie Lendennie's home of Irish poetry on the Cliffs of Moher
  25. Shadow Train
    Ian Seed's on line magazine - poems, translations, articles and reviews, from the lyrical to the innovative, whatever makes the editor glad to be alive.
  26. Sound Eye - Irish Poetry & the Universe of Writing
    one of the best designed poetry sites on the web - features work from Brian Coffey, Michael Smith, Tom Raworth, Randolph Healy and Trevor Joyce. The Irish cutting edge.
  27. SubVerse
    UK alternative writing group exploring the poetry of surrender
  28. Unesco World Poetry Directory
    A well-funded and large international directory of festivals, events, publishers, prizes and the rest. A bit scatter gun but growing in usefulness.




Author's Sites

  1. Alison Brackenbury
    slick site of the Carcanet poet
  2. Maggie Butt
    poems and passion
  3. Andy Brown
    Maquette Press and Andy's own excellent poetry
  4. Gerry Cambridge
    poems, author photographs, and information of Dark Horse magazine
  5. David Hill
    rhyme and humour
  6. Pierre Joris
    Homad Page / The Nomad Manifesto / the future of poetry could be here
  7. Alexis Lykiard
    the poet and novelist
  8. Peter Nicholson
    the Australian poet
  9. Edward Picot
    hypertexter and theorist
  10. Tom Raworth
    the poet and now the photographer - one of the UK's outstanding innovators
  11. Tony Rickaby
    the artist, author, and one time second aeon contributor

  12. Kevin Taylor
    an on the button Canadian with a site full of Real Audio. Poet 'chi - Poetry Radio? It's here.

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