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The Tao Of Dining

We go into the restaurant and the bill is thirty
before we sit. The waiter sells us five pound
Chardonnay for thirty. The menu reads like a
language test. Understanding creeps we go
limp and warm. I want a full plate three bread
rolls I get a biscuit and a pool of yellow in its centre a
centimetred fish. We are dining because this is
intimacy and the alcohol helps. I want life
it's here. Snazz blues in the backdrop the
waiter skips. "You enjoy, monsieur?" He's
Australian. The bill is already sixty I don't care.
The wine is a symphony I have no way of
judging. Crème Brulée makes our hair shine.
Our fellow diners glow like angels,
our souls are singing.
The bill is somewhere I have never been before,
read with joy, signed with ecstasy,
the whole restaurant is smiling.
Someone said dining is all experience.
Lao Tzu that only the one you are in right now
has any importance. Outside it's raining.


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