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height down 10 mm
weight increase 2.1 kilo in 60 months
waist 32 to 34 maybe
pulse resting at 72 up 8
stretch reduction sit & reach 27 cm
vision 2.25/3.25
lung capacity 4.21 litres normal
grip strength 44 kgf
can sit w no movement 1 hr 30
flat mile averaged 7.1 seconds unhindered
erection angle 82º no windchill
40 x lifts in sets average
belief drop 15.5% alc. unit level 17 mean
1991 records show 32 29 41 82 (unattributed)
[compare 2015366 Finch (my father) 134 lbs in 1940
his only extant stat]
this data how I move from A to B
archaeology without suffering
the body elsewhere this is the dust


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