Peter Finch: Sound & Vision Samples

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Samples of the work of Peter finch read by the poet. These are MP3 files. Click on the links to listen. The file should open in your computer's default media player

The River
from Useful (Seren, 1997). This version taken from the 57 Productions CD Poetry In Performance vol. one
. Finch is also participating in 57 Production's on-line Poetry Jukebox.

Blodeuwedd Translated
text from Antibodies (Stride, 1997). This processed version recorded by Alan Daulby at the BBC and included on Homo Sonorus, Dmitry Bulatov's Russian CD and book boxed set from 2002. The work translates part of the lady of the flowers story from the Welsh Mabinogi.

Tribute to the late Bob Cobbing. Recorded at the Merlin Theatre, Budapest in 2002 - part of Finch's Foodball performance.

Building Business
Text from Food (Seren, 2001). The Finch corporate antithesis. Recorded live at the Merlin Theatre, Budapest in 2002.

Excerpt of multimedia clip produced by Andrew Wood of Peter Finch's 2003 Vizet performance at the Merlin Theatre, Budapest. Text by Peter Finch. Images/Projections by Andrew Wood. Video footage Zádor Támas. Soundtrack by Sanyi (kk) & Atesz (Bósza Attila).

Longer video clip from the same sessions.

I Chew My Gun and Think of Rifles
A clip on YouTube of Finch reading this poem from Zen Cymru at The Promised Land, cardiff in November, 2009

The Way It Grows
Philip Hayes film for 57 Productions

Peter Finch The Way It Grows Interview
The poet talks about the poem behind the film

Peter Finch on You Tube
Embeded film clips

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