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"The latest offering from Cardiff's unofficial poet laureate - we're big fans of Peter's wry, sparse, clear-sighted prose"
Cardiff Life - Issue 21, Christmas 2008

Peter Finch is a fine psychogeographer, a consummate chronicler of place both literal and etheral, able to chop words with gleeful precision.... Real Wales is a reminder that he who first cooked up the concept remains its sharpest protagonist."
- Mike Parker (on Real Wales) in New Welsh Review #84, May, 2009

"I was in hospital in the south of France a few weeks ago with deep vein thrombosis and I read Peter Finch's Real Wales, which my daughter had bought for me for Father's Day. What a delight it was to read. It gave me more information about places that I'm quite familiar with and much about places that I am not familiar with but will now probably visit. It was judgmental in several places but without being overly so but what I liked most was the humour in the book, there were many parts where I had to suppress laughing out aloud in the hospital ward. Highly recommended."
- D I Roberts - unsolicited comment sent to Seren Books

"Well written and passionate"
- Ben Isaacs - Time Out, August 2009


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