South Wales Haiku

The rainy season
Thin moon
Still drunk from last time

On the moors
The snow caught by grass
No one to see it

In the chapel
Old wood
After so many years still shining

Through the dense firs
Light of a wrecked car

Blowing graffiti
From the viaduct buttress
An autumn gale

Soccer fans gathering
Their talk has the richness
of cabbage soup

In the old pond
Oil slick and hard moon
Both breathing

Old love on the hillside
His penis stuffed
With chrysanthemum

The slug on fire
Beneath a stack
Of beer mats

White leeks and
A man mending his sidecar
In the harvest moon

Snow on the early
Some bastard starts complaining

Month after month
On the councillor's face
A councillor's mask

The moon fleeting fast
Sound of bottles breaking
In a distant outhouse

Sound of an old man
Cracking snails
Clear to the big dipper

Above the runner beans
The moon thins to a chink
My neighbour unscrews the electric meter

Ice sky above B&Q
New fence post burn
In the breath of customers

Billberry full of steam
Taking a winter

Streetlamps like fireflies
Eight grown men
Stare at a wall

Cherry blossom on the coal shed
Kid inside
Killing a cat

Reporter describes the rain
His pen leaks blue
In his inside pocket

Tired of change
We go back
God's the same

At dawn
Sound of pigeon wing
And Kawasaki starting

Outside the boarded church
Rolled carpet and piled chairs
The stack almost reaches heaven

His shaky arm
Lifts to the sky
Beer rusts the zip of his trousers

Moon watching in his summer vest
My neighbour farts
Bengali curry

After long rain
Coal scars like
Patches of past fire

Flies circle
Someone steals a
Frozen chicken

Shadow of the pithead
A cricket, two greyhounds
And a thin man smoking

Peter Finch

Some of these haiku have been illustrated by the artist William Brown.

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