Happy collapse smile astigmatism embroidering happier voice cold failed dove timelessness apologise insanity meaning cosmetic fauna sharpness crepuscular hotter pedestals golden vertigo anaesthetic syphilitic shrivelling radioactive rainbow spectrum ashen ammunition purse forestalled messenger alas foundations renaissance machine camera anonymity arid aircraft god unscalable depopulated graduates breath shanks perfume panting God body dance dismissed camel bone pearl machinery ersatz gold faith kiss bones moustache bosoms mirror music God flesh insect grey haemorrhage anchor soul sour sang God stripling stop science skulls shining soul spirit sea skulls stand Schubert she summon strokes stone speed stones space-time sing saying scholarly swivels shapeless self sorry shinning spirit something something song stipulated periscopes grass repose prose stones syntax god soar spirits fresh tired odes


Residues, the final poems of R S Thomas, published posthumously on 25th July, 2002 by Bloodaxe Books. In these late poems Thomas wrestles with the silence of God