Laureate Nobel. Dynamite maker. Prizes awarded by the Swedish Academy for literature. The prize which is worth about 35,000 depending on capital is awarded from the income of a capital sum. The sum of the economics. The sum is an annual dependant on accumulation. The little sum sits and the little sum sits and the little sum sits and the sum gets up bigger. The sum is vital.

The parts leak like running dogs. So many little sums. All the little sums in the world. No distinction for nationality nor sex. No little sum gets into bed. The prize lingers like a falling star on the back of the retina. The names clatter like falling rain. Fashions twists the sum like the sum like income like the pull of beards replaced by shaved cheeks.

The accumulation shores against. The way when you get you don't know the way that did was did could have but came anyway sum in its pocket and the rolling forward is the thing you never knew but it's here anyway. The future. The sum. The many sums. The accumulation. The collected. The special edition. The way it is like a fist of. Economics elder brother to falling. This time it's rising. Sum of the sums. Great power. No truce anywhere. Didn't win.