Dear Colleague,

The forward written by Andrew Motion in the Phoenix Press reprinting of R.S. Thomas Collected Poems 1945 - 1990 states that: 'he (R.S.Thomas) was a Church of England priest who ministered in Wales to a largely Non-Conformist (sic) congregation'; this of course is blatantly incorrect. R.S. Thomas was a minister of Church in Wales from 1936 and his congregation was Anglican. This ministry was crucial to his life and work. Because Andrew Motion and Phoenix Press have carelessly published this false information it will be perceived as the truth unless it is rescinded, consequently the life and work of R.S. Thomas will misrepresented and misunderstood. Please would you e-mail Andrew Motion and Bing Taylor, Managing Director of Phoenix Press at (rbt@orionbooks.co.uk) to 'request' that this forward is rescinded, corrected and republished, please could you also publicise this mistake in whatever way available to you.

With best wishes,
Christine (Kinsey)

July 12th, 2002