It is natural for human beings to be happy with works of imitation or representation. Rough and tumble happiness. Happiness overtook me when I was out of doors. I lost myself in an instant of perfect happiness. I was saturated with happiness sitting before you in the streaming sun. Four-levels of happiness. Trained happiness. Systems of happiness including luck. Unfair muscular happiness. Rejected animal magnetic happiness. Tamed and trained happiness. The happy subliminal virus is a possibility here. Pragmatic happy Iago thought about it in his surly landscape. This language is unhappy I shall refrain from speaking it. I shall sit wearing my sunday suit in this byre in the shade and floating motes with the soft sweat at the back of my collar until the time for the service comes round and instead of rising and preparing myself for faith and praise I shall stay on here in a somnambulant buzz. I shall not speak. I shall not go. Medical divining rods. The absent laughter of water. A great thinness covers us all.

Happiness hysteria. Happiness due a high workload is likely to be manipulation. There are also basic questions about happiness. Monk, T.H. and Folkard, S. (1985) Shiftwork and Happiness, Temporal Factors. Walker, J. (1982) Social Problems of Happiness, A British Perspective. Beaches as happiness. The long rocks and the soft sand. The happy dog. The sandcastle. Casual happiness follows correlation. Environmental happiness and the stress buster. All these gargoyles smiling at me all the time.

Linguistic happiness. Y rwyf’ rhywbeth hapus iawn. Hapus nawr. The pragmatic happiness after done book, that moment when the poem is just complete and the world is bright before the doubt starts, before the need to repeat arrives, before the can I, before the will I, before the is it, before the does it, before the itch and gnawing, before that. The smile of happiness. State of happiness: required as shoring against ruin. The sea comes in here faster than anywhere else in Western Europe. You can see the glints on the wave tops as the detergent foam flecks the air. There is a sky full of birds. Their thin hearts are happy. Their minds are like water-beds. Their happiness is a blessing. It can never be a curse.

Happiness as the pre-supposition of original sin. The hapiness in sin, or happiness as the consequence of sin in the particular individual. Happiness as a saving experience by means of faith. Happiness and faith are not the same.




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I am so happy now. Hop hoop. Harp. Hu har. hip hip. huh. H'm. Blood clear. Apt and opportune. Bones comfortable. No clatter. Elegant skin. A pullover. Such fun.