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In all books printer's gremlins and other slips of the tongue, the pen and the mind get in there between the book and reality. Some of the small blunders made in the first printing of Real Cardiff #1 have now been rectified. If you spot any in the latest printing then do let us know.

Real Cardiff #1 Page 16:

This should read: Bluebirds

Real Cardiff #1
Page 176:

I should not be so hard on John Maesfield for not being Welsh. According to John Richards' excellent Cardiff A Maritime History (Tempus Publishing - 2005) the young Maesfield joined the Gilcruix, a four-masted iron barque owned by the White Star Line, at Cardiff in 1894 and made the long voyage around Cape Horn. "They arrived at Iquique in the first week of August, thirteen weeks after leaving Cardiff. John Maesfiled felt ill and was certified as a 'Distressed British Seaman' by the British Consul." The Gilcruix had carried a cargo of patent fuel.

Real Cardiff #2
Page 99:

The funeral home owners on Cowbridge Road are Pigeons and not Summers. Many apologies to Pigeons for that slip.

Real Cardiff #2
Page 29:

I'm at the launch for John Briggs' superb book of grainy Cardiff photos, Taken In Time, at the Norwegian Church, John on the platform, a good crowd in with wine in hand and sun on the Bay outside. The Adamsdown historian John Sennet slides up to show me a file of old photographs and documents. In there is one of the Black Bridge over the main Cardiff to London rail line being replaced. Replaced. Cranes, workmen. A new superstructure is being lowered onto the old uprights. Date: 1954. So maybe this is not quite one of the oldest structures in Cardiff that I suggest it is in Real Cardiff Two. Although it is certainly the site of one. A bit like Trigger's broom in Only Fools and Horses. Five heads and seven new handles but still the same broom he began his working life with. Today (April, 2005) the Black Bridge has been given a thorough covering of state aided graffiti - hip hop colours, welcome to Adamsdown, more colours than a rainbow. Trains still run under it. People still cross.

Real Cardiff #2
Page 46:

Note 7 should read: Kimberley




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