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From the English border at Chepstow all the way to Worm's Head at the end of Gower. Across the waters tracking the line of the Barrage. Upstream to where the tides run out at Gloucester. The Islands. The ships. The boats. The Lave fishermen at the Severn Bridge. The tunnels. The outfalls. The bays and beaches. The power stations and cities. The ports. The harbours. The mud. The wrecks and the caves. The English coast all the way to Lynmouth. The railways and the piers and the hotels and the funfairs. The drinkers, the drunks, the sandwich eaters, the ice cream consumers, the dog walkers, the hunters, the bike riders, the nature lovers, the wreckers, the vandals, those with time on their hands and those without. The past and the present. How this place was once all green valley and how down the line it will all be water. The walls and salt marshes. Where Wales becomes England. The Severn Estuary. The edge of it.

City Littoral - The film



Edging The Estuary - Peter Finch
Due from Seren Books early 2013



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