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there was lots of this in 2001

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Dan looking good

Will on top

Belinda about to

Dad at Weston 1989


Sue in the bushes

PF near the bushes

Julie keeping her eyes open

He used to be called Anthony

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Scarlett and mum on day two
Belinda and Scarlett June 2010

Will and Sarah
Will and Sarah 2009

Will and Sarah Easter 2009
Will and Sarah at their Easter 2009 wedding

Belinda in the Red Sea
Belinda (& instructor) in the Red Sea

Keith and Belinda Easter 2009
Keith and Belinda at Will & Sarah's wedding Easter 2009


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Photo Archive

latest shots

historic shots

Salford 2004

Evie Iona Finch
Evie Iona Finch
Tim & Cat's

so which one IS Daniel?
Which one is Daniel?

Will, Daniel, Belinda, Jon, Grandma
- Shropshire 1998

Pete & Sue photo
Pete & Sue, 1999

Dan and Belinda
Daniel & Belinda
- 27th July, 2001


looking south from Southminster


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The multi-use

Rebekah Finch
January 6

Janet Rzezniczek
February 10

Anthony Finch
March 5

Peter Finch
March 6

Rachael Finch
March 21

Stacey Finch
April 2

Chloe Finch
November 6, 2012

Claire Finch
April 7

Daniel Finch
May 7, 1977

Scarlett Lowri Mizen
June 3, 2010

Sarah Finch
June 18

Belinda Finch
July 8, 1975

Mali Finch
14 March, 2013

Matthew Finch
July 10

Evie Iona Finch
July 11, 2005

Timothy Finch
July 26

Keith Mizen
April 23

William Finch
September 30, 79

Sue Finch
October 16

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Places we've lived:

Westville Road

Ty Draw Place

Queensbury Road

Waterloo Gardens

Southminster Road

Maplewood Court

Heol y Waun

Bangor Street

Lakeside Drive

Cefn Nant

Stallcourt Avenue

Waterloo Gardens

Mafeking Road

Kimberley Road

Kingsland Road

Richmond Road

Cathays Terrace

Shirley Road

Roath Court Road

Newport Road

Trinity Road

West Road

Radyr Road

The Vineyard

Cambridge Park

Fallow Road

Dine Street

Ellesmere Road

Blanche Street

Collingwood Road

Hunter Street

Greengates Avenue

Bondfield House

Emerald Street

Kyveilog Street